Golden Sheen Obsidian Sphere Small

Golden Sheen Obsidian Sphere Small

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This Golden Sheen Obsidian comes from a family owned mine in Mexico where local artisans handcraft pieces into beautiful pieces of art.  Obsidian is born when molten lava oozes from the core to the surface of the Earth and solidifies into a beautiful glass.  The golden sheen is a result of gas getting trapped in the glass as it rapidly solidifies. Golden Sheen Obsidian is a phenomenal crystal to use when embarking on a deep spiritual journey of self-discovery.

  • The Wizard's Stone
  • Overcome Fears
  • Protective and grounding stone
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity on all levels

Stones will vary by size, shape, weight and color pattern.  Stones sold individually.

Weight ~ 5.3oz

Size ~ 1.75in diameter