About Us

Welcome Friends -

Our journey for the love of rocks began as children. We are sisters with a passion and appreciation for what our earth holds (treasure house). Every year our family camping trips always included searching the woods for quartz crystals in Oklahoma and Arkansas, digging mountain sides for geodes in Texas, looking along riverbanks for arrowheads and fossils. Slow walking, looking down intensely searching for a piece of treasure the earth was revealing. We come from several generations of rock hounds. It was a family affair. Parents, grandparents and cousins all had the fever.

 We are excited to introduce Treasure House Earth. A culmination of years of planning, dreaming and finally moving forward to this goal.

Let Treasure House Earth be your go to for your crystals, minerals, rough and tumbled stones, jewelry with bling, and home design pieces.

We hear all the time "but, it's just a rock." Rocks are the history book of earth's ancient geological record. Each gem and mineral tell a story.

 It has been a long time dream to own a Rock Shop. 2020 is the time for new beginnings and the time for our dream to come true.

Lori & Lisa